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Building Information > Construction/Tenant Improvements and Alterations

Certain tenant improvements in 199 Fremont are subject to the prior approval of Property Management, who is responsible for the coordination of construction activity. This prior review and approval maintains design harmony and structural integrity throughout the Building and helps to verify compliance with all governmental regulatory agencies’ requirements.

Telephone and electrical changes are the most common alterations. Please contact Property Management well in advance. Be aware that telephone conduit or Teflon cable is required for all new telephone locations. It’s a good idea to place the alteration order with Property Management at the same time that the order is placed with the telephone company.

If a Tenant employs or contracts directly with an outside vendor/contractor for services required, Property Management must be given prior written notification or the vendor/contractor will not be allowed to work in the building(s). Property Management will qualify each vendor/contractor. This process will include obtaining a copy of the applicable license, bonding (if required), insurance coverage for property damage, liability, automobile and workers compensation, and Landlord indemnification/hold harmless. Vendor/Contractor will be required to furnish Property Management with a Certificate of Insurance, naming the Owner and its agent as additional insured. Union labor is required for all work at the Building. Contact Property Management for specific requirements.


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